Tuesday, July 29, 2003

wow wow wow just been informed that we were played on lamacq live on radio 1 tonight!!!!!! can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?! none of us knew :-( also, we r now b-listed at totalrock which means we r guaranteed airplay at least once a day, every day for the for the forseeable future. by following the link, and then the 'request chart' button, and voting for us, u can help us stay top of a table that contains the likes of iron maiden, deftones and korn!!!!! \m/ and last but not least, another wee profile of us is here and some photos from thursday r at rockbeast. thats all folks nice.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

hello everyone last nights show was pretty mental!!!! the hottest place ever and technical difficulties aside, we had a good time, and the turnout was amazing!!! thanks to everyone who came :-) our last 3 shows have involved at least one of us breaking something, so lets hope that's the end of that!! sweet-as review of 'the thought of falling' at www.alt-uk.com, which is always nice to see. next gig is wednesday, plymouth pheonix, with the once over twice and 5 knuckle. lets hope it passes without any damage to us/equipment. Onwards

Monday, July 14, 2003

we have had to pull out of gig on the green :-( it blows, but tomorelious has an important studio session to do, and it can't be moved. he is even skinter than me, so it is important that he does it. better news, we have booked 3 more days in the studio again to do another 2 songs, but....... it is not until the 3rd, 4th and 5th of october. so if u wanna hear our new stuff, come to our gigs. next one - fallen to - c103 - 24th of july the end.

Friday, July 11, 2003

links and shows have been updated. i will be without the internet for a week, so when i get back i will update the photos. dave

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

tommy!!!!! u forgot one very important fact as of the time u added your news post, we became clients of the JMG Agency!!! whoop!!! from today people, for 3 months, JMG will be looking after our gig bookings, press and pr, and hopefully all going well, there may be a bit of record label bothering to come. so...... all those people asking if we r gonna come and play near u, the answer is..........we hope so!!! tonight we head to nuneaton for rock, then sleep in a service station!!!! yay!! innit yo yo yo and more yo! credit due to dave (site creator almighty) for providing guestbook.buuuuuuuutttttt........we need u guys to sign it! and relevantly please! its something tims been tryin to do for ages and it hasnt taken off like we expected.sooooo.......spread the damn word people! we wanna see mass signing from now on.love and respect to all. laters.x

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Placed at 1a Camden High Street, Koko displays a huge mirror ball and a ceiling masterpiece that can really take your mind from the impressive rock artists performing on scene. Not all nights will enchant you with the rock artists and songs, but the renowned DJs and pop musicians who will get up on stage will sure try their best to keep you entertained while you will be in this fashionable London club. For an unforgettable clubbing night you must visit Cargo. Although the music profile of this venue does not relate solely to rock, the ska-punk, psychedelic or dubstep nights can give you the chills as well. The lounge-bar area and immense performance space will make you feel wonderful at Cargo, but keep in mind to book your visit because this place might get a bit too busy during the weekend nights.

Good wines and good gigs can always be found at The Lexington. Established at 96-98 Pentonville Road, Islington, The Lexington is actually one of the greatest rock venues in London. Despite the fact that this bar looks like a curious combo of an old English pub and an American-style lounge bar, people come here each day to have fun, sing and dance with their favourite rock singers and bands. Whether you stay in the luxurious area downstairs or in the comfy area upstairs, The Lexington is the perfect place to hang out when you want to party with your friends.

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